Why You Should List Your Business On Our Cleaning Directory

Why you should list your business on our cleaning directory

There’s a lot of places you could, and should, list your cleaning business so why should you list your cleaning business on the Polished Clean Cleaning Directory?

Well, let’s start with the obvious… with a free listing you don’t get any cheaper! Our Featured Listing upgrade only cost £9.95 a year… and a Premium Listing with our unique Quote Request Form is just £14.95!

But, let’s forget about the price for now because no matter how good value a service is, if it doesn’t help you improve your business in someway it’s not money well spent.

There’s many business directories where you can add your business, and, there’s a couple that are exclusively cleaning directories, like ours here at Polished Clean.

The difference is we’re not just a list of cleaning businesses!

SEO Optimised Content

We actively create and invest in SEO optimised content for our website which results in organic traffic. Our content is aimed at people who are interested in or actively looking for professional cleaning services…. like yours 🙂

Our unique Cleaning Time Calculator helps people get realistic time frames for how long domestic cleaning jobs may take.

We also have a House Cleaning Checklist which lets clients work out in advance exactly what’s needing done. With a detailed list, it makes it easier for you to working out home much time you need to allocate to the job.

You’re free to download the list yourself and provide to clients to understand exactly what they require.

Social Media

We’re also active on social media, with profiles on all the main social media channels. When you list on our directory we’ll ‘Like’ your Facebook page and ‘Follow’ you on twitter. We’ll also actively look to engage with & share or retweet any good quality content that you produce – priority is given to Premium listings though!

We’re also building our email list, allowing us to communicate directly to customers. We’re aiming to target right down to postcode level and again will look at helping Premium Listings using this method of marketing.

Customer Convenience

When you take a Premium Listing you also get a dedicated Quote Request Form. This enables customers looking for domestic cleaning services to complete a form on our website which is then emailed straight to your business email address.

As the potential customer doesn’t have to leave our website to contact you for a quote, this offers you increased opportunities to acquire business.

Get the Polished Clean guide to LinkedIn with every approved listing - free!

Get Your Free LinkedIn Guide

As a thank you for listing your cleaning business on our directory we’ll also give you our FREE eBook – “The Polished Clean Guide To Linked: How to grow your cleaning business using online networking”.

The guide will help show you how to optimise your profile for
maximum impact, how to create meaningful content and engage
with your new LinkedIn connections in order to help generate more business.

It’s available to every cleaning business that lists with us and we’ll send it to you once your listing is approved.

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