Taking Better Cleaning Services Pictures

Showing pictures of properties you’ve cleaned is a great way for potential customers to visualise both your business and your work. If you don’t get good looking images they won’t do anything to help win you more business. So here’s a few tips to help you take better cleaning services pictures:

  1. Make sure the room is not just clean but tidy too.
  2. Add some finishing touches if you can – that doesn’t mean you have to buy your clients flowers but if there’s flowers in another room borrow them for the photo to lift the image – just remember to put them back 😉
  3. Make sure the lighting is good. Get as much light in your shots as you can by putting on all the lights, opening curtains fully and pulling up any blinds. Dark and Dingy looking rooms (clean or not) will not do you any favours!

Even after you’ve done all of the above, you may need to further lighten your images a little. A quick, easy & free way to do this is at https://pixlr.com/x/

Taking better cleaning services pictures

There’s no need for an expensive camera as your cleaning services pictures can be taken with your smartphone. Most smart phone cameras are of sufficient quality these days to provide excellent quality images.


What Types Of Cleaning Services Pictures Should You Take?

There are a few different types of pictures that you should take to show your cleaning service in its best light. Here are some kinds of shots you should consider taking:

  • Before and After Pictures – Not only do ‘before & after’ images allow customers to visualise your work, showing them the standards you work to but it also shows them the value in getting a professional cleaning service in.
  • Action Shots – Showing people images of you, or your staff, actually working on the job is another way of letting people get to know you and your business. Seeing you do the job they’re looking to get done not only helps them connect with you but lets them know you have the skills and equipment to do the job properly. Make sure to get action shots of all the services that you offer! TOP TIP: If you’re working alone and don’t have anyone their to photograph you ‘in action’ a simple, low cost tripod with Bluetooth remote or the timer on your phones camera can be an effective replacement.
  • Individual & Team Pictures – Just like action shots, pictures of you, and your team if you have one, help potential customers connect with your business on a more personal level, giving them an opportunity to get to know you before they’ve even spoken to you. These images need to convey a level of professionalism combined with a dose of friendliness. TOP TIP: Make sure your facing a light source and it’s shining on you rather than having it behind you.
  • Company Pictures – Have a business premises or a company van? Show them off! Take pictures of your van around the local area, just make sure to choose well known local spots. TOP TIP: Make sure to take any company pictures on a relatively sunny day – a grey sky doesn’t make for an uplifting photograph.
  • Never Work With Children or Animals… except when you want them in the photograph! First off, you’ll obviously need a parents permission to take photos of any children at a home your cleaning! However, if you’re posting photos with children or animals you’re speaking to parents and pet owners without them even realising it, telling them that you work with other clients similar to them, helping them with their cleaning needs.

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