Professional Cleaning Services: 8 Things To Ask Before You Use

Professional Cleaning Services: 8 Things To Ask

When your looking to employ the services of professional cleaning services for your property there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand and plan to ask when doing your research.

Background Checks

This may be the most important thing you’d want to know before allowing any cleaner into your property. At the very least, a good professional cleaning service will have a carried out a check with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS).

This will tell them if the employee has any unspent criminal convictions. Asking the company what their policy is regarding employees with criminal convictions can give you peace of mind.

Cleaning companies only need to obtain a basic disclosure though so ask them if they do further background checks like confirming their employment history and obtaining references.


It’s a legal requirement for professional cleaning services to have public liability insurance in place. This will cover things like damage to your property and any injuries that may occur as a result of carrying out work in your premises.

So make sure to ask that they have insurance in place and what level of cover they have. Any good cleaning company will be able to show you a copy of their insurance schedule.


Carrying around all the cleaning equipment needed to professionally clean property can be cumbersome – there can be a lot! That’s generally the cleaners responsibility though.

Ask if they provide, not just the equipment, but also the products they’ll use during the clean. You may have a specific preference for a particular brand of cleaner and, if that’s the case, you may be asked to supply it… but’s it’s OK to ask if they’ll provide it!

If you have a preference for environmentally friendly products that don’t use harsh chemicals then make sure to check that they use them.


Do you know exactly where & what you want cleaned? Remember a cleaner’s only going to be in your home for maybe a couple of hours a week at most so it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to do everything.

So think about what would make your life easier and get them to focus on those areas first. Good cleaners will work with you to understand what you need done so don’t be afraid to tell them.


Unless it’s a brand new company, most will be able to show you feedback from previous clients. If they can’t, ask them why – and be prepared to take the answer with a pinch of salt!

If they can’t provide references, see if they have a Facebook page or search for them on Google. Both Facebook and Google My Business (that’s what shows up underneath the map when you’re searching locally) allow people to post reviews on the service they’ve received.


Will you be at home when the cleaning takes place? If not, you’ll have to agree a way for your cleaner to gain entry to your property.

Good professional cleaning services will have a key holder agreement and policies in place to make sure your key (and your property) are protected.

If you don’t feel comfortable handing out over a key to a stranger, is there are a neighbour you trust who’ll be in? Would they be happy to hold the key to give to the cleaner when they arrive?

Another option is to have a key safe fitted outside your property. It’s not advisable though to come to an agreement where you leave the key in a “safe place”, such as under a bin.


Do you have pets? Will they be on the property during the cleaning time. Dogs in particular can cause issues for a new person coming into their home.

Ask if it’s possible to introduce them to your cleaner before their first visit to see how they get on. You may need to make alternative arrangements, such as getting someone to walk your dog, if things don’t go well.

What If Things Go Wrong?

Even if you carry out all the checks and ask the right questions there’s still a chance that the service you receive won’t meet you expectations. Does the company have any kind of guarantee if you’re not satisfied?

If they do, ask them what they’ll do if things if you’re not happy. It’s best to give them a chance to remedy the situation. They may have misunderstood exactly what you were looking to have done, or the level of cleaning that you were expecting.

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