Is It OK To Mop Wood Floors?

Is it OK to mop wood floors?

Keeping your wood floors clean and looking good means maintaining them and that takes a little effort but is it OK to mop wood floors?

Your wood floor takes a lot of punishment on a daily basis. People walking over them with all types of shoes on bringing in dirt that scratches the surface. You may have pets, with their claws, and of course spillages which can mark or even discolour your wood flooring.

Of course you can help reduce some of this damage. Make sure you have good quality door mats placed at the entrance to your home, both inside and outside. These will help catch dirt and small stones before anyone gets the chance to trample it onto the surface.

It also a good idea that whenever it’s raining or snowing to have people remove their shoes or boots. Have a suitable place where they can store the items they’ve just taken off. Choose a surface which will stop any water from reaching your wood floor. Standing water on a wood floor is the main reason that the question is it OK to mop wood floors does not a straight-forward yes or no answer.

Before Mopping

You should always start by vacuuming your wood floor before performing any kind of cleaning on it. This stops any dirt or stones being dragged over the surface by a brush or mop and scratching the surface. Your vacuum cleaner should be on suction only so make sure to deactivate the revolving brush and raise the height of your vacuum cleaner to it’s maximum level.

Once you’ve vacuumed you may not even need to get the mop & bucket out. A dry microfiber mop, you may even want to apply a little dusting spray, can often finish the job off nicely.


So, is it OK to mop wood floors?

Well, we’ll go back to what we said earlier about standing water damaging wood floors. Yes it is OK BUT it has to be done in a way which avoids water lying on the surface of your floor.

If you wish to use a mop & bucket, use a cleaning product, diluted to the manufactures instructions, that is specifically made for cleaning wood floors. Do not use vinyl or tile floor cleaners as these products will damage wood floors.

Wring the mop out as much as you can, to the point where it feels only damp. Mop the floor but remember to be extra careful to prevent any standing water. Once you’ve done the floor you may need to go over it again with clean water. This will depend on the manufactures instructions for the cleaning product you’ve just used.

Rather than use a mop & bucket, we’d recommend investing in a microfiber spray mop. These allow you to control the amount of liquid that’s applied to the surface. This will significantly reduce the risk of any water damage occurring.

Having multiple pads / heads will also allow you to dry as you go. This saves buying a separate mop for dry dusting after vacuuming.

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