How To Safely Clean Your TV Screen Without Leaving Streaks

How To Safely Clean Your TV Screen Without Leaving Streaks

Even if you live by yourself, the chances are that you’ll need to clean to clean your TV screen or computer monitor occasionally. If you live in a busy household with children or pets, then the chances are that you’ll have to clean them more often than not! So today we’ll be looking at how to safely clean your TV screen without leaving streaks.

Whether it be fingerprints, streaks or random splashes that appear from nowhere, it’s important that you’re very careful & very gentle when it comes to cleaning any marks off as screens are easily damaged.

How to safely clean your TV screen without leaving streaks – Step by Step

Step 1

Firstly, make sure your TV is switched off, preferably at the socket. Whilst the chances of any kind of electrical shock are small, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’ve been using it, leave it to cool down before attempting any cleaning – this will held avoid any streaks.

Step 2

Your TV manufacturer may have a recommended cleaning solution so it’s preferable that you use that. You do get plenty of dedicated TV screen cleaners but some are better than others and check your user manual to see if there are any chemicals that should be avoided. You can also check reviews from people have bought them to see if they perform as well as they claim!

Your next best option if you can’t find a suitable cleaning fluid, is distilled water. It’s what we generally use here at Polished Clean. It’s not advisable to use tap water as it may leave a mineral build up on the screen.

Another option is screen wipes. Whilst they’re handy, they’re not especially good for the environment so they’re not our favourite product. Make sure the wipes are suitable for anti-glare screens if you have one.

Regular cleaning of your TV screen can usually be included as part of any domestic cleaning service you employ. If you have any special instructions or cleaning liquids that you’d like them to know about, and use, make sure to let them know beforehand!

What Not To Use!

Under no circumstances should you use glass cleaner or any cleaning products that contain acetone, alcohol, ammonia or any other corrosive based ingredients. This is especially important for screens that have a matte, anti-glare finish as they can easily damage the surrounding bezel too.

Clean Your TV Screen Using An Up & Down Motion
⬆️ Use an up & down cleaning motion ⬇️

Step 3

Use a clean microfiber cloth as these are anti-static and shouldn’t leave a residue. Don’t use any cloths or paper towels that could scratch the TV screen surface.

Apply a little of your chosen cleaning solution to the cloth. Apply only enough to make the cloth damp, just off dry and certainly not wet. DO NOT apply directly to the screen.

Step 4

As we said right at the start of this how to safely clean your TV screen without leaving streaks post is, clean carefully & clean gently! Move progressively across the TV screen using an up & down motion (see photo). At no point should you be ‘scrubbing’ the screen!

If you come across a stain that just refuses to budge, try holding the cloth on the stain for a moment. Remember, do not spray any cleaning solution directly onto the screen.

Change your cloth over to a clean one if your screen hasn’t been cleaned properly in a while and is excessively dirty. Don’t allow your cloth to become overly dirty as you’ll just be spreading the dirt.

Step 5

Stand back and admire your lovely clean TV screen!

Professional cleaners should know how to clean your TV safely, without leaving streaks. If you’re looking for a professional cleaning service in your area, search below…

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