How To Quote For House Cleaning Jobs

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If you’re just starting out with your new cleaning business, one of the first things you’ll have to figure out is how to quote for house cleaning jobs.

There’s different ways of working out how much to quote… and that’s complicated even further by the method you’re providing your quote.

Providing The Most Accurate Quote

The best method, and way to provide the most accurate quote, is visiting any potential client at their home. You can see, in person, how big the rooms are and, more importantly, what condition those rooms are in.

You won’t be able to see every nasty little surprise lurking but it’ll go a long way to alleviating them. From the visit though, it’s easier to work out how long you’re likely to be on-site cleaning.

The problem with in-home estimates is that they come at a cost – TIME! You’ll not only spend time at any potential clients house, you’ll have to factor in travelling time too.

If you’re doing several estimates this way during the course of a week, well that time will soon add up and you’ll find yourself having less & less time for other things as your business grows.

Alternative Methods of Quoting

Telephone or online estimates are a much quicker way of providing a quote but the downside is that you don’t get to see the property… or the state it’s in!

Contacting a potential client by telephone allows a personal connection to be made… and sometimes that can be just the edge you need.

More and more cleaning companies are moving to providing estimates online. This can be done via a quote form on your website (if you have one), to which you can then respond to via email.

The benefit of replying by email is that you can link to things like terms & conditions and, if you have a template set up, you’re unlikely to forget things that you may do if quoting via the telephone.

You’ll also have their email address which you can use to send promotional emails to, such as refer a friend & get a discount on your next clean – just remember to ask permission before adding them to your list!

The downside is that the property may be in a far worse condition than you are led to believe.

The Best Method

The best method of quoting to a potential client is actually to use a combination of all three. Get an online quote form on your website, respond via email and follow that up with a telephone call.

Some clients may respond to your email telling you they don’t want to proceed but by having a follow up telephone call you can try to establish the reason why… and try to overcome any reasonable objections.

By ruling out any clients that you can’t win via online & telephone, it’ll give you more time to visit ‘qualified’ clients saving you lots of valuable time and to provide a more accurate quote.

Don’t have a method for receiving quote enquiries online? Did you know a Premium Listing on our website includes a Quote Request Form which is automatically emailed to you once the client clicks the ‘submit’ button.

How To Quote For House Cleaning Jobs

So now you know the most efficient way of how to quote for house cleaning jobs, what do you actually need to know in order to work out how much you’re going to quote.

The more information you have beforehand the more accurately you’ll be able to work out how long cleaning the property will take. So let’s take a look at what you’ll want to know…

  1. How many rooms there are and how many floors the property is spread over?
  2. The types of rooms? i.e. reception rooms, dining room, kitchen, kitchen diner, bathroom, shower rooms, cloakrooms (like a downstairs W.C.), bedrooms, hallways, stairs, etc.
  3. What types of flooring are in each room? i.e. carpeted, tiled, laminated, wooden, vinyl, etc.
  4. Do they want the internal windows cleaned? If so, how many windows are there?
  5. Are there any pets in the property? Even with professional equipment getting rid of pet hair can be time consuming
  6. Do they have (or recently had) a cleaner? If they have, they’ll have a better idea themselves of what they’re looking for in a cleaning service
  7. How often they want you to clean their property. A one-time clean would generally be more expensive than a regular clean, such as weekly or fortnightly.

Why Should They Choose You?

So you’ve got all this information which will let you provide a quote. But, price shouldn’t be the only reason you’re giving them to choose you!

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Everyone who goes into another person home to clean on a professional basis should have public liability insurance… but not everyone does! Tell them you do or, even better, show them.

You never know when something will go wrong and if you don’t have public liability insurance it really could spell the end of your business.

If you work from a checklist (which you should) show them it. Go through it with them, there maybe something on it which they’d like done but have forgotten all about.

Download Our FREE House Cleaning Checklist

Whilst you’re going through the checklist you may find that you’re including extras that other companies are charging for separately. Your checklist will also allow you to keep track of tasks that, on a regular clean, may not be needed to be done each time you visit.

By providing an extensive quote, you’re showing potential clients that you offer a professional service and are not some ‘fly by night cowboy’.

So, know you know how to quote for house cleaning jobs let’s get you some business by getting a FREE listing on the Polished Clean website – don’t forget a Premium Listing get’s you an online Quote Request Form though!

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