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How To Get A Clean Kids Bedroom… Without Having To Do It Yourself!

How to get a clean kids bedroom... without having to do it yourself!
How to get a clean kids bedroom... without having to do it yourself!

Use these tips from an early age with your kids and it’ll help you end up with a clean kids bedroom without having to do it yourself! Getting children to take care of their bedrooms is one of the age old battles between kids and their parents.

You start off with a nice request, “can you tidy your room up please”. This is followed by an amazing number of increasingly sophisticated distraction techniques in order not to do it ๐Ÿ™‚ You can’t blame them really. It’s not exciting and let’s be honest, it’s not really much fun either!

It does teach them important skills though which will stand them in go stead later in life. Responsibility is one. You’re teaching them to take care of their belongings, to be responsible for things in their life.

Routine is another. Some people like routine, some even need routine. Regardless, for most, routine is part of everyday life and something your kids are going to have to adapt to.

Our 5 Tips To A Clean Kids Bedroom

1) Practice what you Preach

There’s absolutely no point in banging on about keeping their rooms tidy if your not setting a good example in the first place. If your child was aware of the word “hypocrisy” they’d be including proclaiming it amongst their distraction methods!

2) Make it Fun(er)

OK whilst we love cleaning & tidying we realise most people don’t ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kids especially won’t find it fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to be super boring either. For younger kids, doing it together means spending time with each other and if you put some music on you can belt out some tunes whilst your doing it.

Sure you may not be the best singer in the world but you kid doesn’t care. Laugh at how bad you are… or swap to whistling if you are! Enjoying your time will take away the tediousness of tidying make it pass quicker.

3) Have a Checklist

We love a checklist here at Polished Clean! Your vision of a clean & tidy room isn’t necessarily the same as your kids though. When you give them a checklist it takes away any ambiguity about what your asking them to do. It takes away their ability to say “well I didn’t think you meant do that too!”

Your checklist could include things like:

  • Make your bed
  • Put dirty clothes in the basket
  • Hang up or put away clean clothes
  • Put your toys away
  • Dust
  • Vacuum

4) A Place for Everything & Everything in it’s Place

When you’re asking your kids to tidy their room, make sure there’s a place for everything to go. Books on a shelf, toys in baskets or boxes, rubbish in a bin, etc.

It a good idea to label your boxes and it’s something your kids can help with too. That helps to give them a sense that it’s their room… their own space. Once they get into the routine of putting things in their place they’ll start to feel a sense of pride.

5) Something in, Something out

Our final tip on getting a clean kids bedroom without doing it yourself is to keep on top of the amount of ‘stuff’ in their room. That includes everything from clothes to toys to books right through to make-up, etc. for older children.

Once it gets to a point that their room is running out of space, make a point of passing it on. They get new clothes, donate the ones they’ve out grown to charity. New toys? Pass some of the ones they no longer play with onto someone who could use them.

Want a clean kids bedroom but can’t get the kids to do it… and still don’t want to do it yourself?

Of course, if you can’t overcome the distractions and you don’t have the time to do it all yourself then why not see if there’s a Polished Clean cleaner in your area – simply enter the first part of your postcode (e.g. NW3) in the box below to search…



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