Equipment Needed to Start a Cleaning Business

Equipment needed to start a cleaning business

Starting a cleaning business doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you take on a Polished Clean Cleaning Franchise. The same goes when it comes to the equipment needed to start a cleaning business.

Compared to starting other businesses, you probably already have a good chunk of the equipment needed in your home.

For example, so long as your vacuum cleaner still has good suction there’s absolutely no reason why you need to go out and buy a new one, especially if you’re launching your new cleaning business on a budget.

The same goes for getting to and from clients. As long as your car is reliable and gets you from A to B then there’s no need to be buying a shiny new van with nice branding on it. All that can come in time, once you’re making money.

So here’s our list of the equipment needed to start a cleaning business on a budget – you can download our handy checklist further down the page!


As we said above, so long as your car gets you to and from clients then you’re good to go. You’ll need to make sure you have business insurance cover, which can normally be added to your existing policy, to keep you legal.

If you’ve got a few extra pounds to spend why not think about adding some lettering to your car with your business name and telephone number.

Vacuum Cleaner

Any vacuum cleaner you use in your cleaning business is going to take a fair bit of use. You’re going to be transporting it around so it’s important to make sure it’s not excessively heavy. A long lead is essential.

So long as you look after it, emptying, cleaning and washing or replacing the filters regularly there’s no reason why it shouldn’t go on providing good suction for an extended period of time.

We recommend the Vax UCUESHV1 Air Lift Steerable Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner if you’re only doing small jobs or the traditional favourite, the Henry Xtra HVX200 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum for larger cleans.

Mopping Kit

If you’re only doing small domestic jobs then a spray mop is ideal. They are ideal for surfaces like wooden flooring where controlling the amount of liquid that goes on to the wood is very important. Replaceable microfiber heads are easy to change and stick in the washing machine with your cloths after a days cleaning.

We recommend the ANSIO Spray Microfibre Floor Mop which has a double sided microfiber pad for quicker cleaning and drying. You can get replacement pads here.

If you’re doing larger offices then you’re going to need a mopping kit. You can buy a compact mop and bucket set from around £15 if you’re only mopping occassionally.

You may find that the office already has a mopping kit available if they’ve got a large floor area needing mopped. If they don’t and you’re regularly going to be doing large areas, we recommend getting a more mobile & professional solution, like the Spin Mop Bucket System from Moppson.

Carry Caddy

It’s essential to have your cleaning products with you as you move from room to room so a good carry caddy is must have. You should make sure that it’s large enough to hold a good amount of products and that it’s comfortable to carry around. We recommend the Addis Utility Cleaning Caddy.

Brush & Pan Set

If you’ve got large particles of dirt it’s better to sweep them up than vacuum them up. If you need to buy a new one we recommend the TreeLen Dustpan and Brush Set which has soft, heavy duty bristles and a long handle to help avoid excessive bending.

Step Ladders

Unless your 7ft tall your going to need a small set of step ladders to help you reach up high to clean things like light fixtures, the top of kitchen cupboards, etc.

Extendable Microfiber Duster

You’ll need an extendable / long handled microfiber duster for quickly removing dust from walls and ceilings. This one comes with a free hand duster.

Window Squeegee

If your current window squeegee has any nicks on the rubber blade you’re going to leave streaks on the glass so make sure it’s in excellent condition after every clean. If not the stainless steel GBPro Window Squeegee will help you get back to providing crystal clear results.

Microfiber Cloths

You’ll go through a significant amount of microfiber cleaning cloths if you have several cleaning jobs over the course of the day. You’ll need to ensure that there’s no cross contamination between surfaces so multi-coloured cloths are a must.

Many only come in 4 colours but we recommend getting this pack which comes in 5 different colours to allow you separate cloths for general dusting, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, the toilet and a spare one for windows / glass.

Cleaners & Polish

You’re going to need several different types of cleaner including a good quality multi-purpose / multi-surface cleaner. A separate bathroom cleaner is advisable as these tend to contain tougher stains and for kitchens a good quality degreaser will be needed.

You’ll also need floor cleaner, glass cleaner, bicarbonate of soda, wood polish, multi-surface polish, leather wipes, oven cleaner and Brasso. Mild detergent will also be required if you’re cleaning granite or marble surfaces.

Other Items

The last few pieces of equipment needed to start a cleaning business are wire wool, a scraper, bin bags a couple of empty spray bottles and hand sanitiser.

Download ‘The Equipment Needed to Start a Cleaning Business… on a Budget’ Checklist

Click the image for the full-size printable version

So that’s our guide to the equipment needed to start a cleaning business… on a budget.

Like we said at the beginning, you’ll probably own quite a bit of the equipment already. We say it’s far better to use what you’ve got to hand and start up-grading once you’ve started earning 🙂


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