Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic cleaning service

Whether you’ve got a large house or a small apartment, when the housework becomes too much to keep on top many people these days are turning to professional domestic cleaning services to help restore some cleanliness to your home.

In fact, according to the Daily Mail, up to one in three families pays for domestic help, so you’re not alone in seeking help. Let’s face it not everyone enjoys cleaning – that’s the reason it’s called a ‘chore’!

By booking professional cleaning services, you too can keep your home looking clean & fresh, saving you time to do the things you’d much rather be doing.

We all live busy lives these days and there are many reasons for choosing a domestic cleaning service to make your home sparkle again. Whatever the reason: not enough time, illness, no longer physically capable of keeping on top of it all or it’s all just gotten too much, you’ll find a professional cleaner who loves to clean and won’t judge no matter the state of your home.

Domestic cleaning service typically cover the things you would normally associate with doing day-to-day housework, such as:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning kitchen worktops and surfaces such as cupboard doors & the exterior of fridge freezers, etc.
  • A thorough clean of your bathroom
  • Spot cleaning where necessary

Of course, many also provide deeper cleans when necessary and a service that is flexible to cover whatever you need done and when you need it done.

There are a few things domestic cleaners generally don’t do, such as exterior window cleaning, carpet / upholstery cleaning (which requires specialist equipment for a professional finish) or oven cleaning. However, although oven cleaning isn’t normally provided as standard, some local cleaners may provide this service, so feel free to ask them.

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Cleaning Equipment Provided

Usually, there’s no need to worry about what you might need to have in your home if you do decide to hire help to get your home back to a high level of cleanliness.

Most professional domestic cleaners will bring all the cleaning equipment and supplies they will need to clean your home to a high standard.

Of course, unless you’re planning on having a cleaner in every day or two, you’ll probably have your own cleaning supplies for days in between any professional cleaning. You’ll find though that you’ll need to replenish them less often.

Domestic Cleaning Services Make It Easier For You To Maintain

Having someone in to help keep your home clean doesn’t mean that you won’t have to lift a finger to keep that way. Unless you have full-time help, having help for a couple of hours a week isn’t going to replace the need to make an effort to keep things clean & tidy.

You will find though that coming home to a clean house will inspire you to make an effort to keeping it that way. Doing this actually makes it easier for your cleaner to get more done in the time that he or she is there.

Of course, if you get your cleaner to do the harder chores (or the chores you like doing the least!) then you’ve got more time to do the things that are easier / more enjoyable!