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Wondering how long your cleaner should take? Try our free cleaning time calculator!

The length of time any professional domestic cleaning service takes to clean your home will vary depending on several factors. First off will be whether your looking for a deep clean or scheduled cleaning on a regular basis. This might be on a weekly, twice weekly or fortnightly basis for example.

Even if you’re looking to book regular scheduled cleaning, your first ‘clean’ will normally be take longer. This is so your cleaner can set professional standards which will make maintaining your home easier. This will save them time – and you money – over the longer term.


You may only want a light clean every week. You may have a property with very dirty surfaces that’s in need of a deep clean. Whatever you’re looking for, we don’t judge – we just clean!

The number of rooms that need to be cleaned will obviously impact the amount of time required. So will the size of the rooms and whether or not you require the internal windows cleaned too.

In order to help you get an idea of how long your cleaner should take, we’ve developed a free clean time calculator to work out the time it may take.

We’re not able to factor into account everything that may impact the time taken for your cleaner to complete their clean but we hope you find our free cleaning time calculator helpful 🙂

Free Clean Time Calculator

Cleaning Time Calculator

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