Cleaning Freebies

Looking for some fantastic cleaning freebies to help you with your cleaning? We hope you’ll make great use out of our resources, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional cleaning company to do it for you!

House Cleaning Checklist

First off, why not download and print our House Cleaning Checklist to work out exactly what you want your cleaner to or keep track of your own cleaning regime.

Cleaning Freebies - Clean Time Calculator

Once you’ve worked out what you want your cleaner to do, use our FREE Clean Time Calculator to work out how long your cleaner might take to clean your home – can you do it quicker… and better?

Free 'Have a Plan' eBook - Cleaning Tips

Stuck doing the cleaning all by yourself? Download our FREE ‘Have a Plan’ eBook, full of tips to help you keep your home clean & tidy!

It includes a Chore Chart so you can plan ahead and get the rest of the family involved so you don’t need to do it yourself!

The Polished Clean guide to how to start a cleaning business... in 6 steps

Our next cleaning freebie is for you if you’re starting a cleaning business? Our guide on How To Start A Cleaning Business… in 6 Steps will help you work your way through from the idea to taking on your first paying client!

Get our free equipment needed to start a cleaning business checklist

The final cleaning freebie we have for you is for when you start a domestic cleaning business and are wondering what equipment you’ll need. Even better we’ve put it together to help you get started when money is tight! Download and print off our guide & checklist to the Equipment Needed to Start a Cleaning Business… on a Budget