Introducing Our Low Cost Cleaning Franchise

Polished Clean are no longer accepting franchise applications

Do you have a passion for cleaning? Would you like to start a property cleaning business but like help to get started… and help to keep on growing? Then why not join our network and apply for a low cost cleaning franchise from Polished Clean?

We’re not like your traditional cleaning franchises. We’re all about empowering you. You’ll find there’s very little restrictions in our licencing agreement as we aim to offer you lots of flexibility and control over how you run your business.

Who is our Low Cost Cleaning Franchise for?

Our low cost cleaning franchise is really for anyone who wants to start a small local cleaning business, working for themselves. A business that they can establish in their local area and develop over time, progressing from part-time to full-time with the aim of eventually developing it into a business that employs staff.

Our flexibility makes it ideal for parents looking to return to work now the kids are at school, as we have no minimum hours tied into your agreement with us. You can schedule the work you generate around your commitments and that’s totally fine with us 🙂

Perhaps though you’re already employed in the cleaning industry as a professional cleaner. Chances are you’re probably on National Minimum Wage and you know you can do better but you don’t have the money to take on a traditional cleaning franchise… till now!

Again our flexibility means that you can start building your business whilst you’re still working in your “day” job.

Whatever reason brought you here, when you take on one of our low cost cleaning franchises in your area you can start building a property cleaning business that can provide you with a better work / life balance and better financial rewards.

What You Don’t Get…

The Polished Clean "Lite Cleaning Franchise" - Start Your Local Cleaning Business With What You Need, Not What Expensive Franchises Try To Sell You!
  • With a Polished Clean cleaning franchise”, you won’t get a van – but you’ve got your own car anyway right?
  • You won’t get 50,000 leaflets – which aren’t particularly good for the environment anyway
  • We don’t have a fancy call centre to answer phone calls on your behalf & arrange appointments for you – but you have a mobile phone with you constantly anyway right?

The benefit of not having all of the above is that you won’t be paying traditional cleaning franchise fees. If you’ve looked at some of them you’ll know how expensive they can be – anywhere from a few thousand pounds to over £20,000. We believe that’s too high… far too high!

Our philosophy is too help as many people as we can get into business for themselves. One way we do that is by removing the financial barriers that are stopping people from having their own local cleaning business.

Your Investment

We know taking those first steps to starting any business can be a scary proposition but at Polished Clean we’re committed to keeping everything within budget of most people to limit the risk… and the fear factor!

Once you’ve applied for our low cost cleaning franchise and been accepted, your initial investment in your new business is only £295, which we feel we strikes the right balance between being able to offer you what you need to get started with a professional brand behind you and charging you much more for things that are not absolutely necessary to start getting those first customers.

Once you’re up & running you’ll also have to pay our monthly licensing fee. This is just £79 a month – which is less than one cleaning appointment per week – and includes managed Facebook Ads!

Now although we’ve got low fees, that doesn’t mean we won’t go above and beyond to help your new cleaning franchise be successful. With our digital marketing strategies, and some traditional low cost marketing too, we can help you get your new business off the ground… at a much more realistic price point.

Some traditional franchises also ask for an additional percentage of your sales, profits or even require you to generate a minimum number of clients so they can collect a bigger fee from you – meaning you’re paying a hefty fee even when you can’t quite get your business off the ground in the early days. At Polished Clean we don’t £79 a month really is all you have to pay.

Every 12 months, from the date you sign your franchise agreement, your monthly fee will rise in line with inflation. This will be based on RPI (Retail Price Index) and calculated 1 month prior to the date of any increase.

What We Offer:

These days it’s important to have a professional image and a strong online presence and that’s what we’re working towards. One of the main benefits to taking on one of our low cost cleaning franchises will be your digital presence. Here’s what we offer when you join us:

  • An exclusive area
  • Your details on a dedicated SEO optimised page on our website + Premium Listing on our Cleaning Directory
  • We’ll set up a branded Facebook page for your area and provide you with Editor access
  • We’ll add your location to our Google My Business & Bing Places – allowing you to appear in local searches on all the main search engines
  • “Done For You” social media content regularly posted to your branded Facebook page & Google My Business listing
  • Your business added to multiple business directories including Yell, Yelp, Scoot &
  • Managed Facebook Ads – see below
  • A Polished Clean email address (
  • Additional templates for Facebook Ads & Google Ads
  • Our Operations & Training Manual
  • 100 Business Cards

You can see how your dedicated page on our website would look by viewing one of our existing franchise pages here.

With Editor access on your Facebook page you’ll be able to post additional content and reply to comments. You can also create your own additional advertising campaigns using the templates available – all you need to do is upload the image and customise the text to suit.

If you’re looking to run ads on Google for your new business, you can order them directly from us. You choose the template, set the budget and we’ll run the ads.* That means you don’t have to worry about things like ‘Keywords’ or ‘Targeting’. We’ll also keep you updated with how the ads are performing.

It’s important to understand that you will need to invest in marketing your business if you want it to succeed. We provide a solid digital base for you to start from but the promotion of your business has to come from you.

You need to make people aware of your new business. If you don’t, it simply won’t succeed! However, with our low fee, you’ll have more money to spend on advertising & promotion to help make that dream come true 💷

We’ll show you some low cost ways of doing this but running digital advertising via Google in addition to your Facebook Ad is a great way of getting in front of potential customers in your area.

*Google Ads are subject to a £10 fee for each 30 day period (or part) that your campaign runs

Managed Facebook Ads

As part of your £79 a month we include Facebook advertising to the tune of £1 per day. This may be a boosted post or an advert using one of our templates.

For the first 3 months though we’ll increase your Facebook advertising budget to £2 per day.

Initially, we’ll target people who’ll interact with your new page, such as getting post likes and comments, in order to build up a following. Then we’ll move to more targeted demographics, i.e. people who are more likely to use a professional cleaning service.

All targeting will be done in the agreed areas that your Polished Clean franchise covers.

We’re not all about digital though. We also show you more traditional ways of marketing your business such as leafleting and have specially designed leaflets available to order, which can be customised for your area.

If you’re looking to make an impression with clients we also have additional marketing products, such as pens available to purchase. We also have leaflets available to order which can help you with promoting your business in your local area.

Your Low Cost Cleaning Franchise – What We Ask

So what does it take to take on a Polished Clean franchise?

Well first off, we expect you to be passionate about cleaning and to be able to clean to a high standard. Running your own property cleaning business can be challenging so it helps if your passionate about what you do.

We expect, but don’t insist, that most people looking to take on a cleaning franchise will start off doing the cleaning themselves. That means you’ll need to be physically fit and healthy. Cleaning requires physical effort and can be heavy going at times but the good news is the more you do it, the fitter you’ll get!

You’ll also need your own reliable transport to get to and from locations. A car or small van will be sufficient to get you and your equipment moving.

Most importantly, we also need you to be honest & trustworthy. You’ll be using the Polished Clean brand name and be trusted to go into peoples homes. Often that will be when they’re not there, so it’s important you meet our high standards when it comes to honesty and integrity.

Check out our full article on what makes a good cleaner here

To ensure this, when signing up, you’ll have to provide us with a Disclosure which allows us to check for any prior criminal convictions.

If you do not have a current disclosure you can obtain one below, dependent on your country of residence:

Please note: We will not, under any circumstances, accept applications from anyone with convictions for theft, violent behaviour or sexually based offences.

If you intend on sub-contracting out any work or employing staff in the future, you’ll need to make sure you that you obtain a copy of a Disclosure for those sub-contractors or employees you may hire.

You’ll also need Public Liability Insurance. Once we have approved you application you will also have to provide us with a copy of Public Liability Insurance Schedule. This must have a minimum cover level of £1,000,000. Simply Business provide low-cost Public Liability Cover specifically designed for cleaners.

If / when you do take on staff in the future you’ll also need to take out Employers Liability insurance.

Being Self-Employed

You’ll undertake your cleaning franchise on either a self-employed basis, starting out as a sole trader trading under the Polished Clean brand name. For example, Polished Clean Motherwell.

Our Operations & Training manual will guide you through the steps you need to take if you’ve never been self-employed before but here’s a quick summary:

Being self-employed means you’ll be responsible for registering as self-employed and paying your own Tax and National Insurance. It might sound complicated but it’s actually not as difficult as you may think.

You’ll also need to get up to speed with keeping good records of your money being paid out to suppliers and payments that you’ll receive from clients. Doing this will help you immensely when the time comes to complete a self-assessment.

To help you do this, we recommend the hugely popular QuickBooks, which costs just £4 / month for the first 6 months (£8 / month thereafter). If you’re not comfortable with the accounting side of your business then you’ll need to factor in the cost of hiring a book-keeper to help you with it.

Of course, you’ll need cleaning equipment. You could go out and spend hundreds of pounds getting setup but we’ve put together a guide on the equipment needed to start a cleaning business on a budget, some of which you’ll already have in your home.

Our Operations & Training manual also covers performing domestic & office cleaning duties, cleaning techniques, representing your business, dealing with chemicals, more on marketing your business and more!

Ready to Apply For Your Polished Clean Cleaning Franchise?

If you are ready to get started, we’ve tried to make our application process as simple as possible:

  1. Complete the Application Form
  2. If your application is approved we’ll send you our Franchise Agreement to sign electronically
  3. We’ll then ask you to setup your monthly licensing subscriptions fee via PayPal and pay our initial setup fee of £295
  4. You’ll need to arrange Public Liability Insurance and send us a copy of the schedule

If you’re ready to apply for our low cost cleaning franchise in your local areas please click the button below…