Cleaning Company Marketing Solutions

At Polished Clean we want to help great cleaners start their own business… and generate more enquiries once they’re actually in business! Our cleaning company marketing solutions don’t cost the earth and are there to help you whether you’re just starting out on your own or already have a small cleaning business which you’d like to bring under the Polished Clean brand in your local area.

Many small local cleaning companies provide a terrific service. Flexible, reliable and providing a trustworthy cleaning service that puts some of the bigger players in the game to shame!

Unfortunately, being a great cleaner isn’t enough these days. You already probably deal with arranging appointments, admin work, keeping on top of your books and more, all in addition to actually cleaning, so when do you find the time to effectively market your business?

With our cleaning company marketing solutions, we offer improved digital marketing for cleaning businesses who may not otherwise has the skills to provide a professional digital experience to potential clients.

So in addition to giving you more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business, it also allows you to become more visible online and generate more leads.

Cleaning company marketing solutions

Cleaning Company Marketing Solutions in the Digital Age

Traditional marketing companies, without specific experience in the cleaning sector, can charge hundreds of pounds a month for creating and scheduling regular social media content for your cleaning business.

At Polished Clean, our cleaning company marketing solutions have been developed to bring strong, memorable brand awareness and despite our low cost you won’t fail to be impressed with how much we provide.

Our digital marketing solutions provide “done for you” social media – just think how much time you’d save not having to plan content, create content and post content… time that could be spent earning.

Our website is also constantly improving it’s ranking on all the main search engines. That’s people all over Great Britain who are looking for cleaners landing on our website… leads that could be going straight to you with an exclusive page for your local area.

However, we’re not just about providing digital marketing for cleaning businesses.

The Polished Clean cleaning franchise has been design to help you get started with your new cleaning business. Our training and operations manual covers everything from self-employment to health & safety to customer service to cleaning equipment to cleaning techniques… and more!

And of course, everything’s been designed to get your new business off the ground with the minimum of cost and investment on your part – giving you what you need, not what expensive franchise operators tell you you need.

To find out more about taking on a Polished Clean cleaning franchise, simply click the image below…

Start your own local domestic cleaning business with a low cost cleaning franchise form Polished Clean